Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kris Keys, Fashion Illustrator

I've always loved fashion illustration art, so when I had the opportunity to meet and view the work of  illustrator Kris Keys, I jumped at the opportunity! 

Some background on Kris from her website www.bykriskeys.com

"Translating and documenting iconic women, dance, catwalks, fashion editorials, and subcultures across the world has become her trademark. Her work is infused with a rich mix of watercolor, gouache, and indian ink, allowing each stroke to form by the spontaneous mix of paint. Spending several seasons illustrating live during New York and London Fashion Week, Kris is able to capture her subjects in seconds. Kris started off her education in her hometown, Memphis, TN. She then moved to New York City, working as a Visual Merchandiser and taking illustration classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Curious to see where her talent could lead, she moved to London in 2011 and began to see her dream to illustrate come full circle. Her personal style has been captured by Vogue Italia and Essence Magazines."

Kris was recently accepted into an Honors Program at the London College of Fashion and has been raising funds through a fundraising site and a series of events this summer.  I love that she's creatively come up with a way to showcase her talents while also earning funds to achieve her goal!  

We attended event at Art Village Gallery on S. Main about a month ago and had a great time.

At another event held at Wish Cooper Young, Keys created quick watercolor portraits of attendees.

I enjoyed watching the creative process unfold...

Keys uses several different mediums when sketching.

Aaaaaaand, the finished product!  What do you think?  Do you see the resemblance?

I couldn't help but pick up a couple more drawings as well...I especially love the attitude on the right!

There's still one more chance to catch Kris in action and get your own portrait this Friday!

Best of luck to Kris in her new endeavors and can't wait to see her future work.

Also, sidenote: first time to wear this amazing one-of-a-kind piece from 7LuckyStones (who I met at RAW event here)  and love it!  My rule is if I'm still thinking of a particular item days after I first saw it, I'm allowed to purchase :)  Thanks Denise!

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