Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jewelry Organization Part 1: Diamonds are a girl's best friend

I've finally completed one of the most tedious and yet rewarding organization projects--I tackled the ole jewelry box!  The first step was to sort through it and get rid of some items (well, technically the first step was actually to untangle the massive spiderwebby cluster of necklaces, but that might just be me).  Second step was to make a few repairs--thanks Dad!  Then, it was time to search for storage and display inspiration.

Here are some of my favorites!

This is a pic from my previous house--necklaces were hung from branch hooks 
(And to answer your question, yes, that is a fur hat on my lamp, and yes, that is a Barbie on my shelf, and yes, my picture frames sat empty for two years.  So there.)

There are so many unique and creative ideas for jewelry storage but I narrowed it down to a couple requirements.  I wanted all my jewelry to be in one easily accessed location so that I could see with one glance what I had, making it more likely I'd actually wear it.  Additionally, while I especially love beautifully displayed jewelry, as with many picture-perfect magazine shots, the items displayed are carefully curated to achieve the optimal look.  But this is real life! And I have some crazy and colorful jewelry that doesn't necessarily match my bedroom color scheme.  I personally find mismatching shapes and colors to be a little distracting and messy looking...and let's be honest: I don't need any assistance in the make-things-look-messy-department.   So concealed storage it is!

The first and obvious solution for storing bracelets and rings was my desk drawers.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box and use storage spaces for their unintended purposes.  Honestly, in this digital age do I really need drawers full of paperclips and staples? And in my bedroom no less?  Nope,  adios dorky office supplies, hellooooo baubles!

My first attempt consisted of using a mismatch of boxes to divide the drawers but they slid around and seemed cluttered.  So after taking drawer measurements and searching the web, I found these acrylic dividers at Target.  Extra points for them being on sale in my local store.  A few scraps of colorful scrapbook paper later and voila.

I love the pop of color peeking out when I open the drawers--it makes picking out what to wear more fun.

For overflow knicknacks and frequently worn items, I re purposed some vintage family crystal (my Grandmother all but forced them on me, but I'm now glad she did).  I think they look great with the mirrored desk and add a touch of girlie-ness.  The frame holds one of my favorite pics with my favorite people from my freshman year of college way back in 20**.

So, here's the finished product y'all:

Mr. Bennett was supervising every step of the way, obviously.

 My lil scarab is loving his new digs

Fashion sidenote: love these wood watches 

Round two will be a DIY necklace storage solution.  Here's a hint:

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