Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Finer Things Club

In case you missed the title reference for this post, I'll wait while you watch season 4, episode 10 of The Office.  Done now?  Ok, I'll continue.

In this hilarious scene, Toby, Oscar and Pam join forces in the sad little break room of Dunder Mifflin to "meet once a month to discuss books and art and celebrate culture in a very civilized way. The debate can sometimes be heated but is always respectful. No plastic, no paper, and no work talk is allowed."

So very civilized

So, as an homage to Scranton's attempt at being "highbrow," a few friends and I started our own informal "Finer Things Club."  Essentially, the purpose was to actively pursue cultural experiences that we may not have otherwise encountered.  So we toured local museums, tried new restaurants and attended the theatre.  And had an absolute blast.  But sadly, it had been too long since our last excursion.

But thanks to Kate Bradley Fine Art, the Finer Things Club 2.0 rose from the ashes!  My insanely talented friend, Kate, invited friends and clients to an art appreciation night at her personal studio.  We were treated to a lovely spread of nibbles (farmers market goat cheese + pepper jelly = heaven).  Julie Pierotti, Associate Curator at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, was our special guest for the evening and she spoke on "how to view art."  Her tip was the best way to view art and determine your taste is to experience it often and in diverse ways!  As you expose yourself to different types and styles of art, you might notice yourself drawn to particular qualities.  And those preferences then shape your decisions when it comes to purchasing art for your home to view and love on a daily basis.

I love meeting people that are passionate about their career or hobby and that enthusiasm is definitely contagious!

The Dixon is one of my favorite museums in the city and a stroll through the gardens is perfection

Thanks for a planning a great eventing, Kate!
Don't we look more artistic and knowledgable already?

Where are some of your favorite local places to experience the arts?

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