Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all II: Fall porch

Since I'm a relative newcomer on my street, I figured I would do my neighborly duty and decorate my front porch for the fall season. 

Ok, that's a total lie.  

I didn't do it for the good of the 'hood.  Nope, my motivations were purely selfish--it puts a smile on my face to drive home and see a welcoming and cheerful entry.  Not to mention, my home interior is feeling fall-ish, so the outside needed keep up!

I wanted an inexpensive and easy way to makeover my front porch, so first step was to purchase the traditional pumpkins and mums from the grocery store (on sale, woohoo!)

Proud owner of the world's largest mum.  Seriously, this dude barely made it into my car

I lopped off the top of the pumpkin to create a pumpkin case of the small mums.  
This is super easy and would make a great gift!

I have some more sinister Halloween carving plans in store for the remaining big pumpkin...

Next, I rearranged a few decor items I had around the house.  I added a bright, ceramic garden stool and a lantern that I filled with tiny pumpkins, leaves, and pine cones.  I also added some potted begonias, which have miraculously survived since the spring, despite my brown thumb.  

I dug out a leftover wreath from the garage, brushed it off, switched out the bow, added some burlap ribbon and tucked in a couple of pressed leaves from my yard.   It even has two battery powered strands that light up.

Before and After

To make it extra spooky, I filled a couple of mason jars with river rocks and added tea lights.
Trick or Treat!

Doesn't it look warm and cozy?  Or maybe even a little bit creepy? Extra points for lurking dog

How do you decorate your entryway?

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